Please share with anyone who is in need of language assistance while voting.

Polls are open Tuesday, Nov 3, from 6:30 am to 7:30 pm.

To check your Ohio voter registration status go to

Nonpartisan Election Protection Hotlines with Various Language Options 

Do not hesitate to call if you have questions about voting or if you encounter a problem when trying to vote.

English 866-OUR-VOTE or 866-687-8683

Spanish/English 888-VE-Y-VOTA or 888-839-8682

Asian Languages/English 888-API-VOTE or 888-274-8683

Arabic/English 844-YALLA-US or 844-925-5287

For a person who may wish to have assistance due to language issues: “The voter can bring along any person of the voter’s choice to assist except (i) the voter’s employer; (ii) an agent of the voter’s employer; (iii) an agent of the voter’s union; or (iv) any candidate whose name appears on the ballot. The voter can also ask precinct election officials to assist. If precinct officials are to assist, two officials from different political parties must accompany the voter.” From Ohio FAQ at

*866-OurVote is recommended by Ohio League of Women Voters, ACLU Ohio and others.