A new report from the White House Task Force on New Americans, “Bright Spots in Welcoming and Integration,” mentions Dayton for its work in two projects: our Ambassador Program and the Welcome Belmont initiative.

A blog post this week from Cecilia Muñoz, Assistant to the President and Director of the Domestic Policy Council, summarizes how over 50 communities have joined the White House’s Building Welcoming Communities Campaign to embrace and integrate immigrants. The report highlights Dayton for two efforts spinning out of the Welcome Dayton program.

The Ambassador Program, Welcome Dayton’s volunteer effort, brings active community members together to give presentations, network with U.S.- and foreign-born Dayton residents, share information and resources, assist with multicultural events, and contribute their time and talents to making Dayton a more immigrant-friendly community.

The Welcome Belmont program is geared toward assisting with the successful integration of new American students into academic and social life by pairing 10 immigrant students and 10 U.S.-born students as cultural collaborators with a goal of creating a cultural and global environment.