The following letter was published in the St. John’s ESOL Program Newsletter, March 2014:

Tibet map“My name is Tashi. I was born in Tibet in 5/10/1977. When I was born my country was not independent because in 1959 China invaded Tibet. Tibet is beautiful and natural land. In Asia most big rivers come from Tibet. The world’s highest mountain is in Tibet. Also Tibet has many resources and not so many people come to the land. The Tibet size is same as whole European countries. I have two brothers and one sister. I am oldest child from my siblings.

When I was 15 years old in Tibet had big demonstration for freedom. After that Tibet often has demonstration for freedom against China government. I was gone with demonstrators for few times for that reason I got money problems. I got chance to escape from Tibet. I went to India and a few other countries, before come to USA.

I am in Dayton studying English and waiting for U.S. citizenship. US citizen is right now very important for me because I want go back to Tibet to see my parents and siblings. My future goal is world peace and China is become freedom country. China is become freedom country all Chinese and Tibetans are free and peace. They are peace world is become free and peace.”

By Tashi Tenzin