Congratulations 2017 Dayton World Soccer Games champions!

Dayton World Soccer 2017 Champions

The games celebrate the spirit of Dayton and our immigrant communities. Congratulations Team Saudi Arabia (19 years+ champions); Team South Korea (14-18 years champions); and Team Mexico (12-13 years champions). Thanks to all participants, volunteers and sponsors.


Dayton World Soccer Games
Soccer-Parade of Nations


Since its inception in 2012, the Dayton World Soccer Games tournament has sought to unite Dayton’s diverse immigrant and native-born communities in the name of inclusiveness, good sportsmanship and “the beautiful game” itself.

Youth and adult teams represent immigrant nationalities or communities, and at least one member of the team is from that nationality or community. Teams are co-ed, and each team must represent one country with at least one member of the team being a native from that country.

Youth: 4 teams per age group
6-7 years old | 8-9 | 10-12 | 13-14 | 15-18

Adult: 8 teams per age group
19-30 years old | 31 and up

The tournament takes place annually at Action Sports Center, 1103 Gateway Drive, just minutes from any Dayton neighborhood, I-75, Rt. 4 or Rt. 35.

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The event is inspired by the Welcome Dayton immigrant friendly city initiative and produced by the City of Dayton Department of Recreation and Youth Services, in cooperation with community volunteers and partners.

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