Dayton World Soccer

Recap: Dayton World Soccer 2014

Assembled Largest Field Yet


For its third year running, the Dayton World Soccer Games saw a record 28 youth and adult teams take the field representing different nationalities for a day-long tournament at Action Sports Complex.

On Friday evening, Dayton’s Police and Fire Departments went head-to-head in a scrimmage match that saw Police overtake Fire 2-1 in overtime. Friday evening also featured a parade of nations to kick off the games.

The tournament on Saturday hosted over 600 people both competing and watching the games, which celebrate Dayton’s diverse immigrant communities through sportsmanship. The winners were:

  • Ages 8-9: England
  • Ages 10-11: Germany
  • Ages 13-14: Cameroon
  • Ages 15-18: England
  • Adults A Bracket: African United
  • Adults B Bracket: Mexico

Other nationalities and communities represented at the 2014 Dayton World Soccer Games included Dayton African, Ethiopia, Sudan, Turkey, Burundi, Russia, Ecuador, Argentina, China, Ireland, Iceland,Ghana and the United States.

Follow our Facebook Page to see a photo album from the event and catch a short video recap.

The event is inspired by the Welcome Dayton immigrant friendly city initiative and produced by the City of Dayton Department of Recreation and Youth Services, in cooperation with community volunteers and partners.

*Keep checking back for details on the 2015 games!*


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