Dr. Dan Curran
President, University of Dayton
January 2013

Prior to 2005, the University of Dayton enrolled fewer than 300 international students. Now, with more than 1,500 students from around the globe, the University of Dayton is one of our region’s most significant ambassadors to the world. The University is bringing cultural diversity to the campus and, subsequently, to the entire Miami Valley.

Student Life. “Students from all over the world come to Dayton for higher education, and often bring family members. But why Dayton and why UD? The families of our international students heard that, not only the University of Dayton, but also the greater Dayton area, was a good place to be. I am proud of the community for making international students, and their families, feel welcome. When our international students venture into the greater Dayton community, they are received well, and that’s important. If they were isolated to the campus, I don’t think our success would be as great.”

“A majority of international undergraduates live on campus and often room with U.S. students. The American students learn just as much, if not more, from their international roommates. Domestic students learn about different cultures and the world around them. I actually consider it more valuable for U.S. students than international students. My son even shares a room on campus with a student from Shanghai.”

Social Justice Events. “The University of Dayton hosts dozens of social justice-oriented events because the campus is committed to fostering an inclusive community. The public is encouraged to attend the free International Festival, which features a fashion show, performances and ethnic foods. Students, as well as the people of the Miami Valley, get to experience many world cultures at the one-day event. The annual Colors of Leadership Conference brings students from diverse backgrounds together to grow as leaders. At a Travel Globally, Act Locally Plunge, students who’ve had an international service or immersion experience discover ways to implement what they learned in the Dayton community.”

University of Dayton China Institute. “The China Institute opened in August 2012 in Suzhou, China, and is elevating the University of Dayton into the realm of global American universities. With more than 500 Chinese undergraduate and graduate students, the University of Dayton now brings to the Dayton region more students from China than any other country. The China Institute also gives American students the opportunity to travel to China to take classes, experience Chinese culture and work in a global economy. In fall 2012, Eli Lilly flew five engineering students to China to conduct research for the Fortune 500 company. “

Assisting Local Immigrants. “Sociology professors Theo and Linda Majka host the annual Miami Valley Forum on Immigration, which is a project of the Ethnic and Diversity Caucus, a program initiative of the National Conference for Community and Justice of Greater Dayton.  At the daylong forum they encourage collaboration between the immigrant communities and providers of services. The forum features morning panels and afternoon workshops to focus on engaging citizens and building community.“

“Many students also get involved in helping local immigrants in the Miami Valley. Molly Winslow, a junior honors student in sociology, studied abroad in Nepal and Bhutan and is now devoting her thesis — and countless volunteer hours — to examining how well Bhutanese refugees are adapting to life in Dayton. “

“The growing diversity at the University of Dayton is helping domestic students learn about cultural differences between America and the rest of the world. When our students interact with people from other cultures that makes a world of difference. It breaks down barriers. “

For more information, contact Teri Rizvi, associate vice president for University communications at the University of Dayton. Phone 937.229.3255 or email rizvi@udayton.edu.