Voices of the Immigrant Experience


Welcome Dayton’s “Voices of the Immigrant Experience” is an event series designed to build community by bringing together diverse community members whose lives may not typically intersect. Through Voices, a panel of immigrants and refugees share their personal stories and may reflect on a particular theme provided by the host. In a safe and comfortable environment, audience members have the opportunity to ask questions to the panelists in order to build deeper understanding and empathy. Following the immigrant panel, small group discussions are facilitated in order to begin to build connections and relationships with each other.

Welcome Dayton relies on community members and organizations to be the host for Voices events. By asking others to host, we are able to go deeper into the community to engage those who may not already be favorably inclined.

As a host, you will:

  • Help advertise the event and invite people to attend.
  • Provide the location.
  • Provide refreshments (not required).

As the facilitator, Welcome Dayton will:

  • Create a flyer to help you advertise the event.
  • Provide and facilitate a panel of immigrants who will share their personal stories.
  • Facilitate small group discussions.

We have found that the most successful Voices events are 90-120 minutes long. We have hosted the event with as few as 10 people and as many as 200. Anyone can host these events! We have primarily worked with schools and churches, but any groups are welcome to participate: neighborhood associations, book clubs, civic organizations, and so on.

View our calendar to see when the next Voices event is planned.

Complete a Request Form to host a Voices event. Email completed form to monica.harris@daytonohio.gov.