Ambassador Program

What is a Welcome Dayton Ambassador?

ambassador_smallA Welcome Dayton Ambassador is anyone in the Dayton area who is interested in learning about the many cultures that exist in the area, sharing what they learn with others, and modeling behavior that is welcoming and inclusive to newcomers to our community.


What does a Welcome Dayton Ambassador do?

Welcome Dayton Ambassadors give presentations, network with native- and foreign-born Dayton residents, share information and resources, help out at multicultural events, and contribute their time and talents to making Dayton a more immigrant-friendly community. Ambassadors are regularly informed of volunteer opportunities through Welcome Dayton and other immigrant-friendly programs in the Dayton area. We invite our volunteers to share their stories with us on our Contact page.

Ambassador Resources (refer to these when indicating your interests in the form below):

A Welcome Dayton Ambassador may count certain activities towards community service hours for high school, college or civic club programs.


How do I become a Welcome Dayton Ambassador?

Complete the form below and indicate which activities interest you. This will help us contact you with relevant opportunities and volunteer information. We will reach out to you with information on our next orientation session, which we recommend you attend before starting your ambassador activities.

When you sign up to be an ambassador, you will automatically be added to receive our monthly email newsletter as well as interest-specific notices for ambassador activities as they approach.

Ambassador Sign-Up

  • By clicking "Submit" below, you verify that you are 18 years of age or older or that you are at least 13 years of age and have parental consent to participate as a Welcome Dayton ambassador. By clicking submit, you are also agreeing to receive future communications regarding ambassador programs from Welcome Dayton. Welcome Dayton promises not to use the information provided on this form for any other purpose than informing you of ambassador opportunities