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    DDN: Muslim youth share their reflections

    January 8, 2018

    When refugees from camps in Tanzania came to Dayton two years ago, the Muslim Sisterhood of Dayton (MSD) reached out to Dayton Catholic Social Services to help. MSD founder Kaukab Husain recruited high school students to form Muslim Youth Outreach (MYO) to tutor young refugees; in addition, MYO volunteered with area charitable organizations. On Dec. 1, members of MYO and their younger counterparts (Young MYO’s) shared reflections on their experiences at MYO Night, held at the Dayton Mercy Society in Miamisburg. ... Read More ...

    DDN: Would you welcome an immigrant next door? Most in Dayton say yes

    September 7, 2017

    Dayton Daily News takes a look at Dayton resident's opinions on having immigrant neighbors. "The results of a citywide survey released this summer found that most Dayton residents (56 percent) said they agree or strongly agree with the statement, 'I would be supportive if an immigrant family moved in next door to me.' Significant numbers of immigrants have purchased and moved into homes in a variety of neighborhoods, including Old North Dayton and parts of East Dayton." ... Read More...

    DDN: PERSPECTIVE: What I learned about the world from my neighbors

    June 23, 2017

    Dayton Daily News' Elizabeth Koproski reflects on her experiences with their Voices of the River Edge event, an event modeled after Welcome Dayton's Voices of the Immigrant Experience. "It was at one of these first events that I met two of my dear friends. They are from Iraq and came to the United States for safety reasons because one of them worked as a translator for the U.S. Army. Never in a million years would I have thought that an American Christian family and an Iraqi Muslim family would sit down around a dinner table (sometimes at their house and ...

    Welcome Dayton Continues Outreach and Education on Issues Impacting Immigration

    March 9, 2017

      Within the first few weeks of the new presidential administration, we have experienced many challenges regarding immigration. We know that the recent Executive Orders have impacted our community in very personal ways and we want to offer our support during this time of increased uncertainty and fear.   We have expanded our efforts in outreach and education with both the receiving community and immigrants and refugees who are living in Dayton. Over the past few weeks, we have engaged in a number of community presentations to ensure our newest residents are aware of their civil and constitutional rights and how ...

    WYSO: “Amid National Controversy, One Refugee Family Arrives in Dayton”

    March 1, 2017

    Public radio station WYSO reports on their experience of joining Catholic Social Services caseworkers in meeting a family of Eritrean refugees only days after President Trump's executive order temporarily banning refugees went into effect: "It’s 8:00 pm on a Thursday, and circling a Huber Heights block with Michael Murphy, refugee resettlement program manager at Catholic Social Services. The plan is to pick up the Genets, a family of 7 Eritrean refugees, and take them to the airport to meet two other family members.  That’s not their real name, Catholic Social Services asked WYSO to protect their identities." ... Read More...

    Films Without Borders

    February 14, 2017

    University of Dayton's Student Government Association invites the public to join them in their film series titled "Films Without Borders". Participants will dig beyond headlines to view the world of immigrants through a variety of films. Films screen this Tuesday and Friday, and next Tuesday and Friday. Discuss this on Facebook....